Ghost Under Foot ~ The Spirit of Mary Bell by Kenneth W. Harmon

To understand the cycle of life, we must study the process from its beginning to its end. The concept of life after death has been central in religious beliefs for thousands of years, but is discredited by many physicians and the majority of the scientific community. In recent years, advances in technology have allowed everyday citizens to capture evidence of ghosts. Unexplainable photographs and video offer a glimpse of a world beyond that of mankind, where life does go on for people after they draw their last breath.

In the summer of 2007, after taking part in the Stanley Hotel’s ghost tour, I launched an investigation to verify and document paranormal activity inside our house. Within four months, I captured images of a spirit in photographs and on video, learned the identity of the spirit, and how to communicate with her through telepathy and dowsing rods. She responded to my requests to appear in “human form,” communicate by knocking, and allowed us to film her with our kids. She also made her presence known by manifesting on several occasions before adults in my family, and throwing pictures off the wall. Our ghost, Mary Bell Wilson, was a young woman who died from typhoid fever back in 1886, leaving behind a husband, and two-year-old daughter.

Using the dowsing rods, I was able to ask Mary Bell many questions about the dying process and life in the spirit world. I also learned that Mary Bell watched us as we went about our daily lives, and knew each of us by name. During my questioning, I discovered Mary Bell could answer questions about my family that she should have no knowledge of, such as, the birthplaces of my grandparents, and where they were buried. Did Mary Bell possess superconscious telepathy, which allowed her to access the collective wisdom of the human species for knowledge? I wondered what would happen if I asked Mary Bell questions about some of the most famous mysteries such as: was Lee Harvey Oswald the lone assassin of President Kennedy, who was Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac Killer. Did an alien spacecraft crash at Roswell, New Mexico, and was the civilization of Atlantis real and many more. Mary Bell not only answered these questions, but never gave a false positive. Her answers were consistent and never changed.

When we moved in 2010, I thought Mary Bell would stay behind in the old house, even though she had no direct connection to the structure. I was wrong. Mary Bell immediately made her presence known to us in the new house, knocking on doors and opening them, turning door handles, making unusual banging noises, and shoving items onto the floor. Orbs were spotted flying around the house at various hours of the day. I was able to reconnect to Mary Bell using the dowsing rods and verify that she had followed us. I have also been able to document her presence through new video.

All of these events and many more are documented in my book, Ghost under Foot: the Spirit of Mary Bell, published by Llewellyn Worldwide. Ghost under Foot: the Spirit of Mary Bell is one of the most documented cases of a haunting, and a fascinating glimpse into the spirit world. It is the story of a ghost who reached out to make a connection with us, and by doing so, became a part of our family. I hope you will enjoy the story of Mary Bell Wilson and take from it a sense of wonder.

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“I just watched your video about all of the activity in your homes in Fort Collins, CO and I am blown away at what you have captured.”

Gary Bell,
Biography Channel television series: My Ghost Story


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